Press information

We’ve started accepting applications for participation in The IX International Puppet Theaters’ Festival of the Barents Region.

The festival will be held from 14 to 18 September 2019 in the Murmansk city. Among the participants will be professional state and non-state puppet theaters of the Barents Region from North-West Russia and foreign countries. You can fill up an application form and receive particulars of the Festival on the website We accept applications up to April 1, 2019!

It is planned to attend 15 theaters and also theater criticssuch as Glazunova Olga Leonidovna, Head of the Theater Cabinet for Children and Puppet Theaters of the Theater Union of Russia, and Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Letin, Candidate of Cultural Studies, Yaroslavl Theater Institute. They will conduct master classes for participants.

The expected number of viewers no less than 3000 people. During the festival it is planned to hold at least 15 performances, at least two creative meetings and at least two master classes.

The program of the festival will show performances created for different age categories.

The festival will be held at four venues:

- Murmansk Regional Puppet Theater (two auditoriums (large stage for showing the performances of the festival format, as well as a small hall for holding individual events of the festival and showing the performances of small form);

Partner sites:

- Auditorium of Children's Theater School of the city of Murmansk (400 seats)

- Auditorium of Murmansk Regional Pre-adolescent Library (100 seats).

- Concert Hall of Murmansk Regional Philharmonic (558 seats).

Brief historical digression:

The first festival was held in 1999 in Kalix, Sweden. The organizers of the festival were Marina and Erling Lund. The participants of the first festival decided that the festival would not be competitive. The most important thing is that professional and non-professional theaters of the Euro-Arctic Region can meet, communicate, exchange creative experiences and learn from each other. The symbol of the festival was the Polar Owl. It was also decided that the geography of the festival will cover all the countries of the Barents Region and the place of the next festival will be determined at the previous one.

The II festival was held in 2000 in Finland, Rovaniemi. The III festival was held in 2001 in Murmansk, Russia. The IV Festival was again held in 2003 in Oulu, Finland. The V Festival in 2005 returned to the Swedish city Kalix. The VI Festival in 2007 hosted the city of Petrozavodsk. The VII festival in 2009 again was held in Oulu, Finland. The VIII festival, was again held in Murmansk.